Sunday, September 13, 2009


Motherhood. One of life's toughest jobs. One of life's most rewarding jobs. Yet sometimes it is full of complete and utter nonsense. And that's why I love it.

I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mom to our lovely daughter. She is amazing. Smart. Beautiful. Funny. Charming. STUBBORN. Busy. And some have said, spirited. We spend our days together playing, laughing, crying (usually her, sometimes both of us), eating, sleeping, dancing, singing (both of us, but really should be just her) and various other shenanigans. And there is always a lot of nonsense involved. Nonsense that I love, adore, cherish and wouldn't trade or give up for anything.

So hence this blog. A place to write about said nonsense. A way to document and record our day to day nonsense and how it all comes together and actually makes...complete sense.

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