Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010, so long.

I am not going to do one of those year in review type posts because frankly I am lazy. But here is a brief summary.

January-February: All day sickness. Fun! Trip to San Diego. Awesome. Trip to Arizona. Awesome with a side of I *hate* Delta.
March-May: All day sickness. Fun! Hints of Spring make me incredibly happy. One last snow storm. Snow melts. Spring comes with a vengeance. Golf course opens early. boo. I mean, hurray! Say good-bye to diapers. Hurray! Say good-bye to the Civic and hello to the Swagger Wagon. Hurray?
June-July: HOT. with a side of swollen feet. Olive turns two. Hurray! CSA delivery every Monday makes me giddy. Humid. Hot. Humid. Mmmm, malts.
August: HOT. Month of anticipation. Humid. Nausea returns. Due date comes and goes. Pen pen a len len is born. Hurray! Swollen feet and nausea go away. Hurray!
September-October: Unseasonably warm. Love every minute of it. Fall leaves. Pumpkins. I give up dairy. boo. Halloween. Boo!
November: Spud and Katie's wedding. Hurray! Cold creeps in. Thanksgiving. Yum! Snow!
December: Cold. Everyone else gets snow but us. Cold. Everyone else gets snow but us. Cold. SNOW!! Cold. Christmas. Remote car starter! Hurray! Warm. Rain. Pouring Rain. Sump pump runs. Snow=gone. Rain turns to ice. boo. 

To sum it up, 2010 was an amazing year (aren't they all?). Certain parts I could have done with out and certain parts I wish I could do again. But all in all it was a good year and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

So long 2010, so long.  Or, in the words of Olive, "Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye!" 

Here's to a wonderful, fabulous, joyful, peaceful, amazing 2011!  

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