Saturday, August 11, 2012

CSA Love Fest 2012- Week....9?

I'm a bit behind in my CSA Love Fest.  So here's a little photo recap;

Week 6 (7/18)

Week 7 (7/25)-Chris picked up our share this week and forgot to take a picture. Oops.

Week 8 (8/1)

And here we are this week....Week 9:
The picture quality on my phone is not great, but hey, at least it's a picture. Not sure what's up with the grey line on the bottom.

Starting 8/1, we added a bread share on to our Whole Diet Share. So from now until November, we will get a loaf of whole wheat bread and one "baker's choice" item with our fruits, veggies, meat and fish. The whole wheat bread is incredibly good, well worth the price alone. But the "baker's choice" items have been phenomenal. Last week we got a loaf of sourdough with herbs....amazing. This week we got a loaf of "Northwoods Bread". A rustic whole wheat loaf with craisins, raisins, agave, walnuts, wild rice and malted barley. Holy crap is this bread good! A slice with a smear of butter is amazing. Throw it in the toaster and smear it with butter and it is out of this world good. We are trying to restrain ourselves and savoring every morsel. So. good.

We've had a great variety of veggies lately and a good amount of blueberries. Chris and the girls love blueberries (you can see them sneaking handfuls while I was snapping away), so they are happy campers.  Chris has been blending them in with his homemade kefir. He says it is amazing. I am taking his word for it.

Here is the run down of this week's haul:
Fennel (I need recipes with fennel, please!)
Green Onions
Salad Mix
Green Beans
Lake Trout
Polish Sausage

Pretty sure I am going to make this Chocolate Zucchini Cake tomorrow. *drool*


  1. Just made a chocolate zucchini cake last night. It was fantastic!

    The bread sounds awesome. Isn't food fun??

    Kate :)

    1. That's the same recipe I posted! Maybe I saw it on your FB wall? Looks sooooo good!