Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fresh Outlook

It's amazing what a little snow can do.

Two days ago if you would have looked out on our back yard, you probably would have been a bit discouraged. It was slushy, wet, dirty and depressing. Lots of what my SIL calls, "snirt" (snow+dirt).  Not the kind of winter scene that screams "Come on outside, the snow is great!"

But then it snowed. Just an inch or two, but enough to transform our winter world overnight. Everything looks bright, clean, refreshing and inviting.

Too bad we're now having Arctic like temperatures. The kind of cold air that takes your breath away and freezes snot instantly. A forecasted high of....7. And that's without the windchill factored in, let's add that just for fun. Now we're looking at -11. In other words, not the kind of weather you take your toddler out to play in.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Nope, the high is only suppose to be 4. But wait, look! There, on the 5 day forecast! I see an 11! And then 16!

At least our view from inside is a little more encouraging. It's the little things.

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