Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She & Him


No, I am not talking about Olive and Jake. Although they are pretty awesome too.  I am talking about the indie folk band She & Him

Volume One

I first heard their music about a month ago while listening to XM radio. The song was "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and the lead vocal sounded so so familiar....Hey! It's Zooey Deschanel! The actress from Elf, 500 Days of Summer and more. I've always liked her as an actress and I LOVE her as a singer! 

I downloaded their first album Volume One on Amazon and instantly fell in love. Their sound is very smooth and harmonious with a 60's girly folk feel. 

I think this will be playing quite frequently in our house this summer. It is the perfect kick back and relax music. I just might have to download their second album, Volume Two too! 

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