Monday, August 2, 2010

A little update

Sorry I have been pretty nonexistent the last few weeks. The nesting bug bit me hard and will not let up. I have been cooking and cleaning constantly since my last post two weeks ago.  I've put away several meals in the freezer and vacuumed and dusted countless times. It's really annoying actually. As soon as I get a minute to myself I get this panicked feeling of "OMG the house is not spotless! What if I have this baby RIGHT NOW and the EMT's are all 'omg, did you see the dust on top of her fridge?!' ".  *sigh* 

Well, I am in the final stretch. 38w3d today. I had Olive at 38w4d....trying not to think about that. But I have to admit it would be nice if this babe popped out sooner rather than later. The humidity is making me so sick and achy, no fun.

Babe has definitely dropped, but not so much that I am feeling too much pressure. Just nice to have a little more breathing room! Although my heartburn is at it's all time worst...explain that to me.  I've been trying to keep up my walking and yoga, hopefully those will help babe settle in even lower.

I have my 10yr high school reunion this weekend...will I actually make it? Or rather, do I actually WANT to make it, lol. Let's just say I am not feeling or looking my best these days. Which is silly and vain, but hey it is a high school reunion afterall!  And if I do go to it, I will have to find something to wear for the dinner Saturday night. I have trouble doing that when NOT pregnant. 

Olive is driving me bonkers. I swing so wildly between trying to soak up every minute alone with her and trying not to sell her to the circus it's incredible. It's really starting to hit me how much our little family of three is going to change. Excited, anxious, sad and thrilled are all feelings I am feeling lately. But I suppose that is the life of a mother!

She is big into "cuddling with Mama and a blankie", which is lovely and wonderful considering she usually hates cuddling (wonder where she gets that from?). But is somewhat of a challenge since my lap is pretty nonexistent these days. Fortunately she has settled for sitting next to me and cuddling.

I think that's it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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