Saturday, July 17, 2010

bebe-O Prenatal Vitamin Review

Aw, look at that baby belly! I am currently 36 weeks along and my due date is just under a month away, eek! 

I was recently sent a one month supply of bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins to review. I was very excited to try them out since a) I was out of my current prenatals and b) they are 100% all natural! 

Obviously we all know how important it is to eat well, but this is especially true during pregnancy. But let's be honest, that's easier said than done! Especially if you are dealing with morning sickness, nausea or food aversions. At that point you are just trying to eat ANYTHING that sounds good and will stay put. And if that happens to be pizza rolls, lemonade and Reese's Puffs cereal, so be it. 

Luckily the sick days are behind me and I try to eat well balanced, nutritional meals. Even so, taking a prenatal vitamin assures me that I am getting all of the proper vitamins and minerals that are so beneficial to my health  and well being. And more importantly, baby is getting them too! Bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins contain a 44 plant based whole-food ingredient blend, so you KNOW you are getting everything you need! And noe artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to worry about. 

When I first started taking bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins, I was just starting my third trimester and I was feeling a bit...sluggish. Well after a few days of taking the vitamins, I noticed I was feeling more energetic and more like my old self. I thought it was all in my head until I went away for a long weekend and forgot my vitamins. That sluggish, slow feeling came back! So after that I made sure to take my vitamins every day and made sure to pack them for all trips away from home! 

And get this, bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins GUARANTEE to relieve morning sickness! WOW!! I wish I would have known about them at the beginning of my pregnancy when I was suffering through all day sickness. 

Here is a peek at the label from bebe-O Prenatal vitamins. As you can see, they are chock full of great vitamins and nutrients for you and your growing babe!

(Image via bebe-O)

So what is my verdict on bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins

They rock! I highly recommend them! Thanks to bebe-O for the opportunity to review your amazing product!

I received the above product in exchange for writing a review. The review contains my honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

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