Saturday, July 17, 2010

2 years, 1 month and 4 days.

It's been at least that long since I have spent any length of time at my house by myself. Not that I am complaining, just kind of crazy (sad? amazing?) to think about. 

Chris and Olive just hit the road for Grandma and Poppy's house....leaving me home alone for two whole days. Well, I am not truly alone. My original trusty sidekick, Jake, stayed home to keep me company. I mean, someone needs to be here if I spontaneously go into labor. He is going to have one heck of a time calling 911 though not having opposable thumbs and all. Maybe I'll smear peanut butter on the "9" and "1" buttons and hope for the best. 

Wow, I don't even know what to do with myself. I have a cup of coffee, music playing that does not involve a bus, a farm, a black sheep or a creepy guy named Billy (seriously, have you listened to the words of the song "Billy Boy"? The man has a wife that is too young to leave her mother. . . )  and a quiet house.  

 I could clean. That was the original plan before Mother Nature decided to turn Duluth into a sauna. The whole nesting thing has kicked in and I have that feeling that the house needs to be in ship shape condition because the baby will be here ANY MINUTE. I couldn't sleep last night (damn you spreading pelvis! Don't you know this is the time I should be stockpiling sleep? Why must you hurt when I try to roll over, get out of bed, fall asleep, sit, stand, walk all of the time??) and seriously considered cleaning out the pantry at 2:30am. The fact that it is in disarray was all I could think of. Like, "OMG the baby could be here any day and I have boxes of pasta, pancake mix and cans of soup that are helter skelter on the shelf! EEK, what am I going to do!!" Fortunately (?) it was too painful getting in and out of bed, so I just stayed put....until my next regularly scheduled pee break (11:55pm, 2am and 4:06am). The 4:06am  thought was to clean the bathroom. But that would have involved going downstairs to get the cleaning supplies and then coming back upstairs to clean. And doing stairs at that time of night (morning) did not sound appealing. So once again I went back to bed. 

But now I have two whole days to do all of heart is racing just thinking of the cleaning possibilities! Or maybe that's just the coffee. Or the heat. Or I am going into labor...Jake! Get ready pal! 

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