Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm famous!

I am a member of a blogging campaign site called Business2Blogger that connects businesses with bloggers in an effort to get the word out  about their business and/or products.  

Last week in one of our email campaigns, I noticed that the lovely state of Minnesota was left out of the drop down menu of location options. I sent an email to one of the head haunchos at B2B and the matter was quickly resolved. 

Well lo and behold, I opened my email this morning to find this:

"Now don't hurt him, Margie.

I gotta hand it to our friends to the north.

No matter how I tried to exclude them, no matter how hard I tried to keep them down last week, they just kept coming at me, and trying to make me laugh.

I'm talking, of course, about those jovial, wonderfully-humored, and easy-going...

You see, last week as we were proudly rolling out our new software solution complete with new Blogger Submission forms, we managed to omit from the list of states, you guessed it, Minnesota. And for any of you who do business with large numbers of people over the internet, you know that faced with an error like that, a few people generally freak out and let you have it.

But not one flame was sent, not one person flew off the handle. In fact, you beautiful people sent me the funniest emails, and I needed to share a few:

Lindsay from Some Sort of Nonsense wrote: "Any particular reason why us Minnesotan's can't participate? I mean, I know we like to eat random food on a stick and wear long underwear 10 months out of the year, but really, we're nice people."

Mimi from Marvelous Mom Reviews wrote woefully, "Sigh...I'm feeling so left out. I'm sad to say, my state, Minnesota, isn't listed in the drop down menu. Poor Minnesota, always singled out. We're so COLD. Mosquitos are the size of Boeing 747s. And we talk funny."

When I told Stacie from The Coupon Sista to just enter another state for the time being, she wrote, "Thanks, I enter another country, so I hope that's O.K.".

And finally, a very maternal Angeleen from Accidental Reflections wrote, "Is this because Minnesota has some strange laws that don't allow you to operate? Or is it because you just don't like Minnesota? And if it is because you don't like it, I hope it hasn't done anything offensive. But if it has, I will have a stern talk to it using my 'mother as disciplinarian' voice." Naughty Minnesota. Naughty.

Holly, Shauna, Arthur and I continue to try to make B2B better for all of us, and when you show the kind of patience and humor with us that you did here, it reminds us that there are really fantastic people we are working with, and for. You. 
Jay @ Business2Blogger "

Eek! That's me! Wow, I feel so special! :) 

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