Monday, July 5, 2010

Sushi on a Stick

I am all for sushi, as a matter of fact, I love it! But I am not so sure about this....


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Although, I have to admit, if I saw this at the MN State Fair, I would have to try it. 

And now I want sushi.

(image courtesy of Sushi Popper)

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  1. Bwahahahahaha!!! Ok, that is awesome. Though, sorry, I'd pass if I found it at the Minnesota State Fair. I try to avoid sushi in states that brag about deep fried food on a stick. This from the woman who is sad she can't go to the Illinois State Fair this year...LOL!
    Uf, I'm getting food poisoning just THINKING about Sushi Poppers. LOL!
    Found you through Business2Blogger's email this morning. : )
    Jen at Laughing at Chaos (Blogger won't let me sign in with my website...hmmm)