Thursday, March 10, 2011

Break out the air popper!*

Have you ever rented a Redbox DVD online and picked it up at a kiosk? No? Me neither. But you can try it for free by clicking on the link below (if it's your first online rental).
Why am I sharing this with you? Because I love you. 

Ok and because if you rent using this link, I'll get a free rental. But then you can sign up to get your OWN free rental. Winner winner chicken dinner! Er, free movie rental!

*What?! You don't make your popcorn with an air popper? You don't know what you're missing out on! I like to drizzle it with butter, add some S&P and chili powder. Or cinnamon if I am feeling frisky. Not that kind of frisky. The kind of frisky that makes me put cinnamon on my popcorn. Very different frisky**. 

Speaking of air poppers, I really want one of these bad boys
A microwave popcorn popper. No oil, no greasy bag, just toss in some popcorn and give it a whirl in the microwave. Works just like an air popper but I wouldn't have to worry about popcorn popping all over my kitchen when I forget to put a bowl under the popper. Not that I have ever done that (My four legged friend thought he had died and gone to doggy heaven). And you can melt butter in the silicone lid and it will drip onto the freshly popped popcorn. *drool* Here is a little video for your enjoyment. 

"That's what I'm talking about!"

**Frisky is a really funny sounding word. Frisky. he he.

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