Friday, October 29, 2010

SSOF: Weekly Check-In

Week two of this little experiment I am conducting. And I am happy to report I am still on the wagon!

I am keeping up with the Busy Mom's Bootcamp, doing (at least) one video a day. I've also added in this Pilates Ab Workout. The videos are great because they are short enough that I can do one or two while the girls are napping. But they are still a great workout!  I know it will take a while to see results, but I am definitely feeling "the burn". 

I haven't been doing much cardio this week, but don't worry I have a good excuse. No really, I do. Two actually.

1) I have a horrendous cold that has settled nicely in my chest. And throat. And nose. And ears. And head. I am a hot mess. Literally.
2) The weather has been as horrendous as my cold. Between the 50 mph winds, pounding rain (and SNOW) and temps in the 30s, we haven't left the house much this week!

I am hoping I can get over this cold sooner rather than later and get my cardio on. Olive is big into running laps around our kitchen, living room and dining room, so there is always that option.
So long story short, week two was a success (in my mind). On to week three!

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