Friday, March 26, 2010

Half with picture!

No, I don't mean what you think I mean.

What I do mean is that I am 20 weeks today! The halfway point of pregnancy! Not really sure where the last 20 weeks have gone, but am not sad to see them behind me. It will be puppies and rainbows from here on out, right?!

I am very happy to report that I am feeling great these days! Right around 17/18 weeks my nausea completely disappeared and so far (knock on wood) has not returned. My stomach is getting a little bigger and rounder each day it seems and I am starting to feel little pokes and prods from within. Very exciting!

As Olive has told me several times..."Mama has BIG tummy!". And apparently it's not because the baby is growing, but rather because Mama has "too many special treats".


Guess I need to stop eating Cheetos in front of her!

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