Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Life

For my birthday, my BIL, SIL and nephew gave me Life. Project Life that is. A scrapbook/photo album project that helps you document the daily happenings of your life for 365 days. 

An interesting and useful way to use the (approximate) one bajillion pictures I take daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. I already take the pictures, I just need to add words to tell the story. That's easy enough, right?!

Well, let's just say that when I opened the box, I was a tad overwhelmed. There was a giant empty 3-ring album,  a stack of protector pages, a pack of scrap booking paper and a handful of smaller boxes containing cards of different shapes and variety. And a date stamper. 

I am not a scrap booker. 

Not at all. 

And my SIL knows this. Yet, she somehow knew that I would enjoy this project. I had just one teensy tiny little problem.

I didn't know how to start. I didn't know what to do with all of these beautiful supplies. Well, I knew how to work the date stamper, but wasn't quite sure where I was suppose to be stamping the date. Soooo, I put it off to the side. I figured once I was over my wonderful pregnancy sickness, I would tackle it head on. But then we went to San Diego. And then we went to Arizona. And now it's March. 

I haven't even started and I already failed. 

This past weekend, Kelsey was so kind as to take me by the hand and help me get my Life up and running. Pretty sure she explained everything at least twice and pretty sure I will still forget what was meant to go where. 

But see, that's the beauty of Project Life, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it. It's just meant to be a place for you to "do it". Whatever that means and however that looks to you. 

Now I need to just do it. 

So I went through my pictures, put the appropriate date on each and sent an order in. And I have been going over the (sparse) notes i have been trying to jot down to help me remember what we did, how i was feeling or where i was for the past 66 days. 

It's a start. 

Baby steps people, baby steps. 

And if I am feeling brave I may even share my Life with you as it progresses.

Maybe. We'll see.  If you're nice.

I can always be bribed with chocolate. or pickles. 


  1. Yeah...the order has been placed! Baby steps, baby steps. Excited to share this project with you and see how your Life develops!

  2. Yippee! You started. It is never to late. I love my Project Life album. There is some great inspiration here -->