Friday, November 12, 2010

Bite Me. Part 2.

So apparently Olive felt that cutting molars wasn't enough on her plate so she added pink eye (both eyes), an ear infection (both ears) and a cold to the mix. I think she was trying for chicken pox too, but no such luck.

And being the lover that she is, she spread the cold love to Penelope. And me.

All we need is love people. And hand sanitizer. And tissues. Lots of tissues. 

Keep your fingers crossed that we are all healthy and in tip top shape when we jump on a plane to Virginia Beach next week for my little* brother's wedding! We can't have one of the bridesmaids and the star of the show flower girl sniffling down the aisle! (I will be sniffling no matter what. Me + weddings = lots of tissues.)

*And by little I mean, he's 24. And 6'2". So really, not that little. But to me he will always be a little twerp who puts ice cubes down the back of my shirt and throws me off the dock. Because let's be honest, he was bigger than me when he was like 8.

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