Sunday, November 14, 2010

International Superstar

I meandered over to my blog stats page this afternoon to see what kind of traffic I have had recently. Not that it matters, I just find it interesting. I don't really expect people to read the nonsense I write and the fact that people do kind of blows my mind.

Anywho, I noticed there was an "Audience" tab so I clicked on it and it brings up a list of countries that the people who visit this blog come from. The United States is the most common but get this. Just this week I have had people click on my site from Canada, Denmark, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Japan, Georgia, Russia and Latvia! How crazy is that?!

I am sure most of you got here by some random mistake, but hey, I'll take it! 

So now I am curious, how did you get here my international friends? I mean, besides the draw of the superbly witty and eloquent writing...

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