Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I see London, I see France.

At some point today my jeans ripped. 

Along the seam of one of the pockets. 

One of the BACK pockets. 

Which means my bright yellow polka dot underwear were on display for all to see.

And considering I tweaked something in my back yesterday/during the night and spent most of today hunched over like Quasimodo, means a whole lot of people at Target got a free show. 


Granted I have worn these jeans almost every day since I got them a little over a year ago (yes, even through pregnancy). They definitely served me well. But it still makes me a tad bit crabby. Ok, a lot bit crabby.

Now I will have to wear one of two other pair of jeans I own. Shall I choose the ones that are too loose and baggy and look sloppy after 2 minutes or the ones that are a bit snug in the waist and 3 inches too long? Both are GAP jeans, same size, different styles.

Can I just say how disappointed I am in GAP jeans these days? A few years ago they changed the denim they use for their jeans. It has more spandex in it or something. They stretch out if you even look at them.

But not only that, the fit is so radically different between styles (and even within the same style) that it makes me crabby to even think about trying jeans on. I used to walk in, grab a pair of long and leans in my size and head for the checkout.  No need to try them on.  Not that it matters now, because we no longer have a GAP. 

So I guess I am looking for jeans suggestions. What is your go-to pair?

Please don't say GAP, I don't think I can take it. 

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