Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vitamix this, Vitamix that...

So, our blender is toast.

Well, it's not really toast, it's a blender. But it's a blender that no longer blends. Ok, it blends but not very well. And when it does blend, it smells. Horribly. Like something is burning. And the base is covered with a fine black dust. And when you're trying to blend up lawn clippings from your yard to make a green smoothie, it tends to sputter and choke. It's not good.

And by lawn clippings I mean a variety of tasty greens. Oh so good...once you toss in some fruit. :)

A crucial part of making smoothies is, you guessed it, a blender. And a good blender at that. Not a cheapo that can't blend frozen fruit and fresh greens into a smooth, silky delicious beverage. Because let me tell you, there is nothing worse than getting a chunk of kale stuck in your teeth because your blender isn't up to snuff. Grody.

So I started asking around about what kind of blender we should get and the answer has been pretty unanimous.
Get a Vitamix!
Have you heard of a Vitamix?
A Vitamix costs a lot, but man is it worth it.
If you make a lot of smoothies, you need a Vitamix.
I LOVE my Vitamix!
Vitamix for President!
And so on and so forth.

Let me tell you, I would LOVE to have a Vitamix. LOVE to. But unless a) they drop the price by $400 or so or b) I win the lottery, it's not going to happen anytime soon. My smoothies will have to be made in some other inferior machine. I'm sorry smoothies, I know you deserve better. It's not you, it's me.

Do you have a Vitamix? Is it worth it's weight in gold? Why is it sooo special? Does it cut up all your smoothie ingredients for you? Does it come with a bumper sticker and super secret handshake? Do you want to give it to me because you're awesome like that? Hey Vitamix, want to hook a girl up?

If you DON'T have a Vitamix  but some other high powered blender that gets the job done, what is it? Or is there really no such thing?

Off to slurp choke down a (far from smooth) smoothie...


  1. We have a braun blender that (mostly) gets the job done.

    Braun MX2050 PowerMax Jug Blender

  2. I really want a vitamix too!!! I would be happier if the container were glass though.

    We have a kitchenaid with glass container and it does a decent job. I have heard good things about Hamilton beach so you may want to check one of those out.

  3. I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally want a Vitamix!!!
    But, currently we have a Oster that is pretty dang awesome. I did a lot of research and this one is really good for the price. :) I've had a few people buy them because they like mine.

    The good thing about Oster is all their parts are metal. No plastic gears to break. And you can get replacement blades and such online. :)

  4. Could you use a food processor instead?

  5. Yes, I have a VitaMix and I love it! there is a guy on YouTube who made a green smoothie which included an avocado -- the entire thing, pit and all. But Dara told me about another machine that is supposed to be very good and less bulky. Ask her for more info.

  6. Carrie-Never thought about the food processor. Might have to give that a whirl (no pun intended). Although it might be tricky pouring the smoothie out...

    Rita-I may have to come over for a demonstration. Have you ever made peanut butter with it? I will talk to Dara too, thanks.